Senior citizens

Senior center provide services with an emphasis on group growth; to share the strengths, and wisdom of senior citizens and to safeguard the health and wellness of senior citizens from Greater Charlotte area. Recreation, health and community activities will be a major ingredient of our Senior Center.

Senior Services

  • Community Service Volunteers
  • Communications and Leadership
  • Social Services (Medical Aid)
  • Transportation and Ride Sharing
  • Preventive Medical Check up at the Gurdwara
  • Punjab News – Computer using Internet

Combats Loneliness With Chai and Laughter

Senior Values

Senior citizens are valued as parents and teachers within Sikh society. With society in the world growing older, and with the face of the modern community changing, interventions are key. That being said, it’s not a case of simply helping elderly Sikhs understand the changing world – to the contrary, their wisdom has a lot to offer a world departing from its classic values.

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