Fight for Ahaan Singh

Singh family recently came to Charlotte for trial-based treatment for their son Ahaan. Ahaan has been fighting Neuroblastoma cancer for past 4 years. He has gone through multiple surgeries, many rounds of Chemotherapy and even more radiation therapies. When cancer came back the third time there was no treatment available in India. They came to know about a new trial in Charlotte Levine’s hospital for which Ahaan met the criteria and they were determined to get him in and the treatment he needs.


Reema Panesar is organizing this fundraiser at

If you are thinking of donating for any cause this month please consider helping this family out.
They came to Gurdwara Sahib seeking blessings. They need our help for their son who is fighting cancer the third time in his short 7 years of life!

Please consider sharing this with your network as well! Every little bit counts.

Again link for this fundraiser is

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