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Bhai Mani Singh Ji Shahidi Diwas Program – July 14, 2024

BHAI MANI SINGH JI (1644-1738)

Bhai Mani Singh, originally called Mani Ram, was one of the 12 sons of Mai Das of Alipur/Multan. When he was 13 years old, his father took him to Guru Har Rai in Keeratpur where he stayed for two years. At his father’s wish he left Keeratpur, to go back to his village and was married to Seeto Bai. Subsequently Mani Ram accompanied by his elder brothers Bhai Jetha and Bhai Dayal Das accompanied Guru Teg Bahadur to Delhi to appeal against forced conversion of Hindus to Muslim faith, ordered by Aurangzeb. They were arrested in Delhi for protesting against the atrocities committed by Aurangzeb, and were executed in 1675.

Mani Ram was a childhood companion of Guru Gobind Singh, even though he was much older than Guru Gobind Singh ji.

In 1699 on the occasion of creation of Khalsa, after the Panj Pyaras, Mani Ram received Amrit (Baptism to Sikhism) from Guru Gobind Singh ji and became Mani Singh. Guru ji appointed Bhai Sahib as the head Granthi of Harimandir Sahib.

In 1704 Bhai Mani Singh along with Bhai And Lal escorted Mata Sahib Devan and Mata Sundri to Delhi.

As soon as he found out that Guru Gobind Singh ji is at Talwandi Sabo, Bhai sahib reached there and Guru Gobind Singh Ji dictated the whole Guru Granth Sahib to Bhai Mani Singh to scribe the holy Granth.

Family of Martyrs:

  1. His grandfather Balu Ram died fighting for Guru Hargobind in 1634.
  2. Brother Dayal Das was martyred in Delhi before Guru Teg Bahadur ji.
  3. Brother Hathi Chand, Lehna Singh, Sohan Singh martyred while fighting for Guru Gobind Singh.

Martyrdom of Bhai Sahib’s sons:

  1. Bachitar Singh, battle of Nahan – 1704
  2. Udai Singh, battle of Shahi Tibi near Anandpur Sahib – 1704
  3. Anaik Singh, battle of Chamkaur – 1704
  4. Ajaib Singh, battle of Chamkaur – 1704
  5. Chatter Singh martyred with his father, Lahore – 1734
  6. Gurbaksh Singh martyred with his father, Lahore –  1734

Bhai Mani Singh was condemned to death for not being able to pay Rs. 5000 to Zakaria Khan, Governor of Lahore. He was ordered to be martyred by dismemberment limb by limb, along with his two sons Chatter Singh and Gurbaksh Singh.

Bhai Mani Singh was known for his scholarship. He was one of the most learned men among the followers of Guru Gobind Singh. He scribed and edited the Guru Granth Sahib while Guru Gobind Singh was dictating. He transcribed many copies of Guru Granth Sahib for Sangat. His achievement in the literary sphere is his compilation of Dasam Granth containing compositions believed to be of Guru Gobind Singh. He used to interpret hymns from Gurbani at the daily prayer meetings both at Anandpur and Amritsar. He went around the countryside preaching teachings of Sikh Gurus.

Bhai Mani Singh consolidated the work of Guru Gobind Singh during critical phase of Sikh history after the death of Banda Bahadur, when Sikhs were losing against the might of Mughals. His unwavering faith in the mission of Guru Gobind Singh was source of inspiration to others. His martyrdom made Sikhs a relentless enemy of the Mughal Rule. They never reconciled themselves to the state which executed their priests, and desecrated their shrines. His death furthered the cause for which he had labored throughout his life. From his experience arose his attitude and philosophy of resistance. Standing up to tyranny and injustice at any cost. He was indeed a true Sikh in service and sacrifice. The origins of the later victories that led to Khalsa Raj can be traced back to the work of men like Bhai Mani Singh.

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